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The Art Of Not Reinventing The Wheel

During the years we changed design of our site a couple of times. This time we wanted simple and clean design, with the ability to easily create new content or modify sections of our site. Each change came with the completely new backend, cause after some time we were never happy with the end result.

It’s a classical developer issue.

When time passes and you look back at your code, if it’s not looking like a garbage, you’re not improving your skills at the right rate.

My quote and possibly X amount of other developers.

After trying for years to build our own Laravel based CMS with page builder we decided to ditch it and go full throttle with WordPress and Elementor combo.

Btw we were against WP 100%, we enjoy clean code, OOP and all the goodies Laravel offers.

What’s the reasoning behind our decision?

Business side is more important

When you talk to an ordinary developer, there is an 80% of chance he’ll propose to build a CMS from scratch based on the stack he is using.

We are very good with Laravel/Vue and that’s our usual stack, in last 5 years we developed over 20 different page builders for clients and us. At first they are all great, they complete the task in the easiest way, but as time passes every client wants to expand its system.

You build page builder for TailwindCSS and now client doesn’t want it anymore, now Bootstrap is on the table. Logic, classes and everything are different between Tailwind and Bootstrap, so we are stuck.

Then client sees a certain template in WordPress and it costs only $50, and for the same template to be usable inside the Laravel page builder we ask for $5000. How? Why?

You see, what’s best for our client is not the best from dev side. And guess what? The client comes first.

The client does not care about the tech stack, or JIT compiling, cool new Vue version or anything development related. His only concern is the business aspect of it, will it solve his problem? Nothing is more important than that.

Technical debt

After some time it’s a rule that things are becoming more complicated. New features, new developers, different ideas everything are mixed together. You end up with the solution which is hard to maintain and onboarding new developers is requiring more time.

Also pool of people is smaller, when you compare it to a pool of experts available for widely used solutions.

How many Laravel/Vue developers can you find, with experience in building page builders for Tailwind framework? 🤔

WordPress and Elementor

WordPress is used on millions of sites, it posses thousand of contributors, it’s an industry standard for CMS. It’s always easy to find new developers and almost every client knows how to use it. So you need less time to explain obvious things to them.

It’s very easy to expand, many plugins are available, also you can develop new plugins in minutes.

Elementor is not an ordinary page builder, it’s a huge ecosystem. When you see a size of their team (300+ people) you understand that creating and maintaining your own page builder is a serious task.

We tried a number of other solutions like Webflow, Ghost, Laravel based CMS systems and nothing beats WP and Elementor.

On the other side, it’s less secure solution, but we’ll leave that for a new article.

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