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Dingo API Definitive Guide, Part 1: Quick Start

APIs are everywhere and Dingo API is the best API package for Laravel framework. It posses built-in authentication, error handling, responses, pagination, rate limiting, transformers and much more...

Sending emails over Queue with AWS SES

Laravel posses built-in system for sending email notifications via Queue. In this tutorial we'll setup AWS SMTP user for SES usage, configure Redis queue and worker script. Last we'll create dedicated queue for this project.

Building Laravel 5.3 app with Multi-authentication and Social logins

In this serial of tutorials we will develop Laravel 5.3 app, which uses built-in authentication and extend it to use Socialite package for social logins. We will develop middleware for user roles, email activation and Re-captcha verification. Frontend code is using Bootstrap 4.

User Activation via email and Laravel Middleware for Activated Users

User activation via email for new users is common request in web app development. In this tutorial you'll learn how to send activation emails on registration and you'll also code Laravel middleware which will check is user activated.

Backup Laravel site to Amazon S3 via laravel-backup package

In this tutorial I'll use laravel-backup package from Spatie, to save site files and database to S3 bucket. After backup is uploaded it will notify me via Slack notification. For added security I am creating dedicated IAM role and Inline Policy which will allow access to only that one bucket.


Laravel 5.3 bootstrap app with Multi Auth, Social and Email Authentication. Google re-Captcha, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and much more..


Laravel 5.2 and Dropzone.js auto image uploads with removal links


Laravel package for image upload using DropzoneJS


Make your Laravel site 6x faster using Redis as caching server


Using Telegram Messenger for Laravel application notifications

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Latest Open Source Project

Laravel 5.3 Social and Email Multi-Authentication

This project aims to simplify common task in Laravel web application development and that is building user authentication system.

Almost every web app requires login via email and now many require login via oAuth providers. This project covers it all including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GitHub and many more. System is using Socialite Laravel package to cover OAuth part, and it also posses email activation feature, it handles denied OAuth requests, User roles, Google ReCaptcha, Parsley.js validation and many more features are coming.

Entire project is covered with series of tutorials if you are curious to see how it looks live we deployed it here.