Keeping your site present in the Google Search is a challenging task, that’s where Jetindexer – Google Indexer shines.

Jetindexer listens for changes on your sites by monitoring the sitemaps. When it detects a content update or a new page, it automatically pushes it to Google Search using Google Indexing API and Search Console API.

It works with any CMS as long as it has a sitemap. In a few minutes, you can connect your WordPress, Framer, Webflow, Gatsby, or any custom CMS to it.

Project was launched in the December of 2024 and till May of 2025 it processed over 6 million pages. In this time we monitored the indexing results and we have a few records to share:

  • Page indexed and getting impressions in 40 minutes since it was submitted first time
  • New domain gained 50K impressions with ~300 pages in 1st 28 days
  • 20.000 pages submitted in 48 period for 1 site
  • 4 million pages inspected in a single day

Jetindexer has a 5-day free trial, and you can use it to start indexing at the rate of 400 pages per day. Meaning in the 5-day free trial you can submit 2000 pages, go and try indexing now.