Managing your own VMs and dedicated servers is a hard task if you’re not a system administrator. Managing WordPress on top of that is even harder.

On the other hand there are WP providers that offer hosting but their performance compared to what they charge for is very bad. Usually they’ll say that they offer a dedicated VMs, but in 99% cases those VMs are shared among multiple clients.

That’s where WPJack – WordPress Control Panel for any cloud comes.

WPJack helps people with no system administrator knowledge to manage WordPress servers and sites. It works with all major Cloud providers, including Digital Ocean, Linode, Hetzner, and Vultr.

Installing new WordPress servers and sites is a 1-click procedure with WPJack. It manages databases, cache, PHP, Nginx, SSL certificates, backups, cron jobs, user management, and more.

WPJack has a generous Free Tier and it enables you to manage 1 WordPress server with up to 2 sites on it.

Unlimited plan is only $27/month.