This is a showcase of projects we take immense pride in. Each component, feature, and detail has been meticulously crafted by our team at Codingo. These projects represent fully-fledged SaaS solutions, featuring robust architectures, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, ongoing updates, and a growing community of satisfied users.

  • Jetindexer


    Keeping your site present in the Google Search is a challenging task, that’s where Jetindexer – Google Indexer shines. Jetindexer listens for changes on your sites by monitoring the sitemaps. When it detects a content update or a new page, it automatically pushes it to Google Search using Google Indexing API and Search Console API.…

  • InGauge


    InGauge: Digital Stakeholder Engagement Platform Background InGauge is the biggest stakeholder management platform in Africa. It’s owned and operated by Africa Practice Ltd – a strategic advisory firm dedicated to developing inclusive markets that work for underserved communities. Codingo is the leading technical partner of Africa Practice on this platform. The entire architecture, design, development,…


    Creating e-commerce store is a multi-step process, there are many stakeholders involved: designers, developers, payment gateways, bank etc. But it doesn’t have to be so complex. That’s where – e-commerce platform fits. It has the best features from main e-commerce providers like Amazon, Alibaba and Shopify. Businesses are able to create store and publish…

  • WPJack


    Managing your own VMs and dedicated servers is a hard task if you’re not a system administrator. Managing WordPress on top of that is even harder. On the other hand there are WP providers that offer hosting but their performance compared to what they charge for is very bad. Usually they’ll say that they offer…

  • Niched AI

    Niched AI

    Site: Niched AI is an all-in-one article scraper. When you add a new RSS feed to monitor, it regularly checks for new articles. Once a new article is detected, the AI scraper is deployed to extract the article content. Later, you can use this data or forward it to other tools and platforms.